Waterproof winter barefoot boot. It is a new style combining waterproof breathable membrane with lighter winter lining, all in barefoot style. It means kids feet will stay dry and warm while they still enjoy the benefits of barefoot shoes.  

The neutral colours are suited for both girls and boys.

Watch the product video to see the boots in more details.

The sense of freedom these barefoot soled shoes give your little ones is just what their growing feet and spirits need as they explore the world around them. The wide toe box is another key feature of this barefoot range allowing for natural feet development.

This shoe is ideal for colder months, it's been tested in European snow and my son loved it. This shoe features Rostak’s quality use of durable leather, velcro etc while incorporating new innovative design which enables adventurers to step freely into the barefoot movement. 

The shoe includes so called regulation insole. It will serve you perfectly if shoes are loose in your instep part. When foot gets bigger, you can remove this insole easily. Doing so, you can easily regulate the space inside of the shoe. 

Read more about barefoot shoes.


Leather combined with textile 

Fare-tex waterproof and breathable membrane keeping feet dry, comfortable and cool

Lining is made from highly absorbent fabric

Two removable insoles – upper one looks and acts as standard insole (easy to check for the size and it is anatomically shaped) plus bottom insole to get even closer to the ground. You can keep them both or remove one to get the desired feeling. 

Extra flexibility as the sole bends lengthwise as well as crosswise

Super light weight

Velcro fastening making it easy and quick to put on

Thermoplastic lightweight rubber sole design offering anti-slip grip

Minimal padding giving little restriction to the movement of the feet

Promotes natural movement for growing little feet

Fit – extra wide fitting



Inner shoe measurement

(without insoles)


Circumference of feet


(for the pair)


179 mm

76 mm

182 mm

 372 g


186 mm

78 mm

188 mm

 397 g


193 mm

80 mm

193 mm

 416 g


  200 mm  

83 mm

198 mm

  438 g


208  mm

85 mm

203 mm

 456 g

Colour:  Steel blue with Carolina blue

1-year guarantee: Proudly made by ‘Fare‘ brand leader in children’s footwear from the Czech Republic in accordance with the highest European Union quality standards.

Name origin: Lomec comes with an interesting story. The town of Lomec, one of the most important Baroque pilgrimage sites in South Bohemia. The Pilgrimage Church of the Virgin Mary was built between 1692 and 1702 by Count Bucquoy for the miraculous statue of the Virgin Mary with the infant Jesus. The Bucquoy family owned a small statue of Our Lady de Foy, carved from oak. Count Karel Bucquoy, among other things, was a great traveler and always carried the statue with him. When he sailed from Rome to Spain in 1684, the ship was caught up in a great storm. Sensing the danger, the Count prayed and promised that, if saved, he would build a church on his Czech estate as a manifestation of gratitude. The storm suddenly subsided and everyone was saved. His promise was fulfilled by Philip Emanuel Bucquoy when he laid the foundation stone of the Virgin Mary Church in 1692. The construction began only in 1699 and was completed in 1702 and consecrated two years later. The main altar stands in the center, an imitation of St. Peter's Baldachin by Bernini in St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. The altar is completely carved by the woodcarver Wauscher from Linz. Above the altar hangs a tabernacle in the form of a lantern that holds four angels on four garlands. The sanctuary also holds the Blessed Sacrament, above which the small statue of the Virgin Mary is stored in a glass box.

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LOMEC, NZ 10-13 / EUR 28-32

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