About Rostak

Who is Rostak? 

Rostak means 'rascal' in Czech. Rostak kids have a zest for life, in search of adventure and their playful nature leaves no stones unturned. Freely exploring the outdoors in all weathers, they even make rain a game. They're happiest when climbing, riding bikes or hanging out with friends, rolling in mud, building huts or heading out for a family hike. Rostak kids joyfully create their own fun. Nature is their playground. 

Rostak is all about being a child - even if this means being a little rascal. 

As a mum of three Rostak boys - Kuba, Matous and Radek are growing up amongst the outdoors and this is our happy place. We want to create a childhood for our kids that we had. With a pine forest on our doorsteps, the oldest two are quite capable of climbing any tree or getting themselves covered in mud... Literally! Kuba loves exploring and making things from natural resources - lots of flax weaving at the moment while Matous wouldn't leave without his pocket knife. Radek, the youngest baby is happy to munch on the pine needles or a stick or just watch the clouds go and branches to move. Their imagination for play is limitless and energetic spirits boundless. I often don't get see them for hours (the older two only of course!)

Originally having grown up within a Czech world-renowned shoe town where Tomas Bata began, great footwear was part of our existence. Now in New Zealand and being a family who loves hiking, biking, skiing and camping, Rostak was born in our search of our ethos for high quality, affordable, comfortable and water proof shoes thats focused on supporting growing active feet. That's when I  began sourcing and importing footwear that is at home in the backyard or fit for any family adventure, no matter the weather. 

I also run Forest Days at Wellington for those who feels it's only natural to be outdoors.  Our Rostak ethos is about having fun (and loads of it!) and giving our kids the childhood we had. Forest Days are open to everyone. 

Happy Exploring,