Softshell fabric

Softshell fabric has taken over in Europe but it’s benefits are still to be discovered in New Zealand so I’m excited to share more with you in detail this amazing material. It will seriously change your life, even creating less washing!

* Softshell is made from a woven material in contrast to the stiffer material of hard shell. Softshell is designed to bridge the gap between a fleece which offers less water resistance less protection from wind and  waterproof fabrics which are less stretchy.

* It is a woven material, which is made from 2 layers of fabric, which have been bonded together. Flexible with some structure, softshell is a popular choice for activewear clothing, thanks to its stretch, insulated structure and soft handle. It is also moisture-wicking, so it is designed to let moisture out and keep you dry.

 * Softshell offers the feeling of cosiness and gives significant breathability, preventing you from overheating when being active.  The fabric has  the advantage of being windproof in its design structure, which also helps to keep the chill out and maintain warmth.

* Key features of softshell:

- waterproof

- breathable

- warm – it has fleece lining that provides extra warmth

- the softshell I used offers 10/3K (waterproof/breathable)


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