Once he or she is on the go, this shoe offers the protection needed from sharp objects or extreme weather while maintaining flexibility, breathability and being lightweight too. They offer protection without being restrictive.

To maintain maximum breathability they are lined with the leather only at the top of the shoe and the rest is leather to keep them breathable. Contrasting colours of summerly blue, cornflower blue and rich red add extra style to this super comfortable fit.


Brushed leather with nubuck

Leather lining only at the top of the shoe, otherwise unlined

Removable insole which makes it easier to check the perfect fit

Thermoplastic lightweight rubber sole design to support the stage of feet development

Shoe laces for perfect fit so you can adjust them according to your child’s unique feet

Fixed heel cap and toe offers added protection and supports healthy foot development

Fit – regular to wide fitting. Wide toe box gives ample room for wiggly toes


Inner shoe measurement



130 mm

58 mm



136 mm

58 mm



59 mm


  148 mm  

60 mm

Weight: 100g a shoe (size EU 20)

Colour: Summerly blue, cornflower blue, rich red and white

1-year guarantee: Proudly made by ‘Fare‘ brand leader in children’s footwear from the Czech Republic in accordance with the highest European Union quality standards.

Name origin: The Mladeč Caves have the complex labyrinth of fissure corridors and caves. The underground spaces are richly decorated with stalactites and stalagmites and sinter bulges at places. The most beautiful parts include the „Nature’s Temple“ and the „Virgin Cave“. The cave has been known for ages and is considered one of the extremely significant paleonthological and archaeological localities. In addition to bones of extinct Pleistocene vertebrates a number of skeletons of people of the Early Stone Age have been found there, together with multiple objects evidencing their activities (stone instruments, fireplaces). 

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MLADEC, NZ 3 ½ / EUR 20

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