When a toddler is learning to walk, parents are told to let this process happen naturally by walking without shoes. Reason being shoes can affect how a child uses the muscles and bones in their feet.

Kids also meet the ground wholeheartedly when they walk barefoot, and this improves their proprioception (awareness of their body in space).

As a child gets older, we always put their feet into shoes and lose the benefits that come from walking barefoot. That’s why advocates of barefoot walking and exercising are pushing back on wearing shoes all day long and encourage us all to let our feet be free. And if it’s not practical, you can protect their feet using our barefoot shoes.

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Full grain leather providing outstanding waterproof protection 

Lining is made from highly absorbent fabric

Two removable insoles – upper one looks and act as standard insole (easy to check for the size and it is anatomically shaped) plus bottom insole to get even closer to the ground. You can keep them both or remove one to get the desired feeling.

Extra flexibility as the sole bends lengthwise as well as crosswise

Super light weight

Shoe laces for the better fit and adjustment

Thermoplastic lightweight rubber sole design offering anti-slip grip

Minimal padding giving little restriction to the movement of the feet

Promotes natural movement for growing little feet

Fit – extra wide fitting



Inner shoe measurement

(without insoles)


Circumference of feet


(for the pair)


127 mm

59 mm

151 mm

 134 g


133 mm

60 mm

152 mm

 144 g


139 mm

61 mm

153 mm

 150 g


  145 mm  

62 mm

155 mm

 160 g

Colour: Salmon accompanied by beige stitching and embroidery

1-year guarantee: Proudly made by ‘Fare‘ brand leader in children’s footwear from the Czech Republic in accordance with the highest European Union quality standards.

Name origin: Hluboká Castle  is a historic château situated in Hluboká nad Vltavou,and it is considered one of the most beautiful castles in the Czech Republic.

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ALEJE, NZ 3½-5 / EUR 20-22

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